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Crystal Grid - Protection - Paperinoita

Crystal Grid - Protection

Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Crystal Grid - Healing

Pakkaukseen kuuluu puinen alusta kristalleille ja kristallit ( 14 kpl).

Kristallit: Tiikerinsilmä, Sitriini, Onyx ja Vuorikristalli

Luonnontuote kivien kuvio ja värit vaihtelevat keskenään. Jokainen kivi on ainutlaatuinen.

A Crystal grid is a structure in which you can place gems according to a certain set-up in relation to each other - the geometric pattern - so that they reinforce each other's effect. Every gemstone has its own vibration frequency. There are different types of grids and therefore different set-ups that each serves a different purpose. Grids are used as a tool to manifest something beautiful. You can send the bundled energy of the stones that you need. Think of cleaning a room, healing, acquiring prosperity, love or help with border control. In this grid you will find an arrangement that contributes to healing. In addition, you will receive the set of gems that contribute to this intention: crystal, green calcite and amethyst. Use Grid:In the middle you always place your main stone. This is often the biggest stone. You place gems and crystals