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Self Source-ery - Kirja - Paperinoita

Self Source-ery - Kirja

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Self Source-ery - Kirja

Come to Your Senses. Trust Your Instincts. Remember Your Magic.

Discover powerful self-love rituals to help you summon your innate personal magic and start showing up for yourself in every part of life.

Lisa Lister, bestselling author of Witch, invites you to connect to your inner Source-ress and join her on the quest to return to the rhythmic and cyclic intelligence of Mother Nature. Find out how to return to your true self and unlock courage, power and presence. If Witch was the call, Self-Source-ery is the response.

A Source-ress is connected to herself, her body, the earth and the cosmos. She listens to her body speak as it makes clear her wants, needs and desires and more importantly, she knows that she is so worthy and deserving that she does what's necessary and required to make sure those desires are met. Full of insightful practices, methods and tools, Self-Source-ery will show you how to:

·       enter into a loving relationship with your body
·       find space for growth, healing and possibility
·       be able to meet life with confidence, creativity and strength
·       stop punishing yourself for mistakes

This is your guide to connecting to Source, trusting yourself from the roots up and finding true self-love.